Village Walk

Try a five-mile walk around one of the prettiest villages in Norfolk

Leave the recreation ground in Saxlingham Nethergate and turn right and past a junction to the village sign opposite the school.

Turn right and over the green and through the church gate to follow a path which bends left past the tower and along the left edge of the churchyard to a kissing gate.
Pass through and a left edge of a field leads to its corner and after a few more paces you turn right over a stile into a meadow.

Follow a right edge to a metal gate where cross a stile at its side and turn right and then left into a hedgeless track. Follow the track for approximately 350 yards and when you meet the second crop division continue a few yards further and turn right into a field.
Go straight up the slope passing closely to the third tree from the hedge on the left side of the field and eventually through a wide gap into a road.

Turn left for a short distance then turn right into a field corner and into a green enclosed path which leads eventually through trees for a quarter mile to a road. Turn left and opposite Chequers Lane by a telephone kiosk you turn right in a farm track.
When the track ends you turn left through a gap into a field and turn and follow its long right edge soon with a ditch on your right but just before the end of the field you turn right over a culvert.

A short green track leads into another field and you follow a left edge to a road. Turn left but at the end of the first field on your right turn right over a plank bridge into a field.
Go straight ahead along a left edge to a corner and over another plank bridge into the next field. Again follow a long left edge curving to a power pole and ignore a path on your left before you reach the field corner.

Go ahead over a plank into another field and again follow a left edge to a corner where turn right for a few yards to turn left through a gap in the hedge and over a plank into another field. Turn left a short way into a corner and turn right and again along left edges ignoring a path on your left before reaching the end of the field.

Turn right and follow the edge to its end in a crossing lane. Turn left and the lane winds uphill then bends sharply right to a farm then curves left through farm buildings to join another crossing lane.

Turn right and the lane winds to a paved road. Turn right but when the road soon bends left you go straight ahead into a green path.

Continue now for half mile, ignoring any side turns until you go down a slope and into a clear crossing lane. Go straight over and into a sunken lane which goes uphill and soon swings right then straight over fields to the corner of a wood in which there are the remains of St Mary’s Church abandoned in 1688. Turn left into a green path with the wood on your right to the end of the wood and into another track on a corner. Turn left and with a fine view of the John Soane parsonage away to your left you continue to a road. Turn left but quite soon you can turn right into a green path parallel with the road which takes you safely back to the recreation ground.

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