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Good News for Saxon Bowls Club

Saxon Bowls Club has secured a grant of £9000 from Sport England to install a bowls green irrigation system. This much needed facility will enable the Club to water the Green during dry spells thus improving the playing surface for Club members and guests from visiting teams.


Saxon Bowls Club

Saxon Bowls Club was formed in 1997 to play lawn bowls during the summer months (April to September). We are currently in three mixed evening leagues and an afternoon league. In addition there are a number of internal competitions and practice sessions. If you are thinking of taking up a new social interest or taking up bowls again then why not join us on the green on the Saxlingham Nethergate Playing Field. We visit some very picturesque Norfolk village bowls greens. Games last for about two hours with refreshments provided afterwards. New members of all standards are welcome from the absolute beginner to the experienced bowler. Coaching can be provided for beginners and improvers. If you are interested please talk to our Club Secretary Chris Lacey 01508 499700 or email for further information. You may also be interested in visiting our website at where you can keep up to date with the Club’s social functions, matches and other details.

Saxlingham Nethergate Tuesday Circle

Who & What are We?

Women living within the Parish of Saxlingham Nethergate. The group was originally formed in 1972 as a Young Wives group and has developed from there.

Why do we meet?

We meet for fellowship, friendship and mutual support. We have a variety of visiting speakers covering a wide range of subjects and we join in village events, contributing what skills we have. Our latest contribution is the Millennium Tapestry hanging in the Village Hall.

Where and When?

Our meetings are held in the homes of members on the second Tuesday of
every month at 8.OOpm except August and December and are very informal.
We have a party and also go on a visit to a place of interest every summer.
Out events are advertised in Saxlingham Contact.

The current subscription is £5 a year and there is a raffle at every meeting.

Saxlingham Walkers

Harriet Smith 499667
Elizabeth Goff 499013

The Saxlingham Walking Group was formed in response to the Saxlingham Parish Council Appraisal of 2002.

On 18th of March 2003 a meeting, was held at the Village Hall and some 23 interested individuals attended; another seven voiced their support but were unable to attend. Items discussed were such things as whether or not we should have long or short walks, walks on weekends only, walks in the evenings, walks on weekdays or at any other times. It was decided that a Steering Group should be formed to produce some sort of plan to instigate organised walks. The Steering Group met at Beech House on 31/03/03, and decided that in order to minimise administration and to keep proceedings informal and simple, they would not form a Committee as such but would remain as an Organising Group.

The name of the group and its members would be “The Saxlingham Walkers” (until someone can come up with a better name).

Initially there would be one walk per month, alternating the last Sunday in the month and the last Friday in the month.

Planning of future walks would be discussed during an existing walk, any suggestions from walkers would be welcomed, the walk thus agreed upon would then be organised by the Organising Group.

Notification of future walks would be placed on Parish and Village Hall Notice Boards and in the Saxlingham Contact and would include: – Date – Time – Place – Distance.

All walks would be “prewalked” by members of the Organising Group.

Car sharing would be discussed later when walks away from our area were undertake
It was agreed that the first walk would take place on Sunday the 27th April 03, starting from Saxlingham Church Car park at 1430 (2.30pm) and that the subsequent two walks would start from Saxlingham Church.

Since the meeting, walks have taken place over footpaths and country lanes in Saxlingham, Shotesham, Poringland, Howe, Brooke, Yelverton and Alpington. The walks covered distances of between 3.5 and 5.5 miles.

In order to check progress an open meeting was held on the 9th of October 2003, when it was decided that as a result of poor attendance, the Friday walks would be suspended for a trial period and all future walks would take place at 2.00pm on the last Sunday of each month. Where there are five Sundays in a month, the walks on the fifth Sunday would start at 10.30am (as there is no Church Service on these days).

There had been a request for occasional longer walk, of maybe ten miles, it was agreed to try to organise at least two of these during the spring and autumn.

It was suggested that donations to cover the cost of printing notices, travelling to research venues etc. should be requested from walkers. As the outlay is not that great, a voluntary donation of not more than £1.00 per person will be requested in April 2004.

At least two evening walks per year will be organised (starting 7.00pm) probably from Saxlingham or Shotesham.

Summertime walks may start later in the afternoon, so keep an eye on the notices.
At any time during a walk walkers may ask the organiser to explain their location on a map of the area.

Finally it was agreed that a separate group should be formed to cater for those people wishing to take part in shorter walks, maybe of 30 – 60 minute duration.

It has since been suggested that future walks should be advertised on the Parish Website. Details can be found online in ‘Contact’ entry of the website.