All council meeting agendas

Agenda: February 2018

Agenda 2018 02 p

Agenda: January 2018

Agenda 2018 01 p

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Item 7c – Third Quarter Accounts

Item 8a – Budget

Agenda: December 2017

Agenda 2017 12 p

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Item 7ai – Lone Worker Policy

Item 7aii – Co-option Policy 

Item 9a – Budget v2

Agenda: November 2017

Agenda 2017 11 p

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Item 7e – SAM 2 installation

Item 7e – SAM 2 flier

Item 8bi – Complaints Policy

Item 8bii – Responding to Planning Applications Policy

Item 10b – Reserves Policy

Item 10c – Budget v1

Agenda: October 2017

Agenda 2017 10 p

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Item 7eParish Partnership Scheme

Item 9d Second Quarter Accounts

Agenda: September 2017

Agenda 2017 09 p

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Item 7a – Financial Regulations 

tem 7b – Publication Scheme

Item 7c – Equalities Policy  

Item 7g – Letter from Saffron regarding affordable homes

Item 8e – Dong Energy consultation


Agenda: July 2017

Agenda 2017 07 p

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Item 7a – 2017 Risk AssessmentsRisk Assessement – Play Area

Item 7b – 2017 Annual Asset Inspection

Item 7c – Internal Control Policy

Item 7d – Key Documents and Policies

Item 7e – Item 7e – Parish Partnership Scheme

Item 8a – Item 8a – Draft Open Space SPD consultation letter final

Item 9c – Item 9c – First Quarter Accounts

Item 10dii – Annual Inspection 2017 – Recommended Actions

Agenda: May 2017


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Item 13a – Asset Register
Item 13a – Asset Register

Item 13c – Funding Application FormGrant Policy

Item 14a –

Dear all,
Our Community Governance Review begins today. The review begins with a consultation period (between 20 March – 12 June) whereby you can submit your representations as Town/Parish Councils via this survey

We welcome you to publicise this review within your Town or Parish by sending your residents to this survey (Please note this is a different survey to the one you will complete as a council).

For more information and to keep up to date please do visit our website

Kind regards,
Electoral Services Team
t 01508 533795 e

Item 15aiii – Norfolk ALC Membership
Item 15aiii – Norfolk ALC Introduction

Item 15aiv – CAN Subscription
Item 15aiv – CAN Membership Information-3

Agenda: April 2017


Agenda: March 2017