Parish Council

The Parish council meets on the 2nd Monday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the committee room of the Village Hall. Agendas are displayed in advance on the village notice boards. All parishioners are welcome to attend the meetings and time is set aside at the beginning of each meeting when parishioners can ask questions or voice concerns.

Here you will find all notes about official council meetings.

Agenda: November 2017

Agenda 2017 11 p

Additional Information

Item 7e – SAM 2 installation

Item 7e – SAM 2 flier

Item 8bi – Complaints Policy

Item 8bii – Responding to Planning Applications Policy

Item 10b – Reserves Policy

Item 10c – Budget v1

Minutes: October 2017

Minutes 2017 10 – draft

Agenda: October 2017

Agenda 2017 10 p

Additional Information

Item 7eParish Partnership Scheme

Item 9d Second Quarter Accounts

Minutes: September 2017

Minutes 2017 09

Equalities and Diversity Policy

Equalities and Diversity Policy 2017

Agenda: September 2017

Agenda 2017 09 p

Additional Information

Item 7a – Financial Regulations 

tem 7b – Publication Scheme

Item 7c – Equalities Policy  

Item 7g – Letter from Saffron regarding affordable homes

Item 8e – Dong Energy consultation


Minutes: July 2017

Minutes 2017 07

Minutes: June 2017

Minutes 2017 06

Agenda: July 2017

Agenda 2017 07 p

Additional Information

Item 7a – 2017 Risk AssessmentsRisk Assessement – Play Area

Item 7b – 2017 Annual Asset Inspection

Item 7c – Internal Control Policy

Item 7d – Key Documents and Policies

Item 7e – Item 7e – Parish Partnership Scheme

Item 8a – Item 8a – Draft Open Space SPD consultation letter final

Item 9c – Item 9c – First Quarter Accounts

Item 10dii – Annual Inspection 2017 – Recommended Actions

For Year Ending 31st March 2017

Updated 11/9/2017

The external auditor’s review has been concluded and their report along with the statement of accounts are published below in accordance with section 25 of the local Audit and Accountability Act 2014

Notice of conclusion of audit and details of rights of inspection

Annual governance statement

Accounting statements

External Auditor’s Report

Annual internal audit report

Full internal audit report

More detailed accounts including a comparison with budget

Bank reconciliation

Explanation of any significant variance

List of all expenditure

Public land and building assets

CIL Annual Report 2016-17

Information published on 26th Jun 2017

The notice of appointment of date for the exercise of public rights, posted on 26th June 2017

Council’s accounts a summary of public rights